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While at first glance SharePoint formulas seem to be simple calculations, they are both rather powerful and have weird limitations. In this book we will be able to explore creating Calculated Columns and Validation formulas with some boring details, and over one hundred examples. We also explore workarounds for many of the limitations by the usage of SharePoint Designer workflows and a couple of tricks!
Where are formulas used in SharePoint?
  • Calculated column formulas derive data from other columns in the same list item. These can be simple calculations and text manipulations, or complex Excel-style formulas.
  • Column validation formulas are used to create custom validations for user entered data. These can be used to make certain that “quantities” aren’t negative and vacation requests are for dates sooner or later.*Column default formulas, even as very limited, can auto-fill columns with a date 30 days sooner or later or a message based on the month or day of the week the item was added.
  • List / Library validation formulas are used to check the values from multiple columns to verify the relationship between two or more columns. Examples include making sure a task start date is before the task end date, or to make sure an entry has a “price per pound” or a “price each”, but not both.
Who is this book for?
Anyone who works with creating and customizing lists and libraries.These include: SharePoint on premise Farm Administrators, Office 365 SharePoint administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Site Owners, Power users, and Developers.
Over 100 Examples!
  • Over 60 Calculated Columns examples*Over 30 Column Validation examples
  • 11 List/Library Item Validation examples (and every one of the crucial Column Validation examples can be used here.)
  • 7 Calculated Column Default Values examples
  • 15 Workflow “workarounds” for things SharePoint formulas can’t do
Table of Contents
  • Read Me First
  • Tips for Formulas*Calculated Columns
  • Calculated Column Examples
  • Calculated Default Columns
  • Column Validation Formulas
  • Column Validation Examples
  • List/Library Item Validation
  • List/Library Item Validation Examples
  • Other Forms of Validation
  • Workflow Workarounds
  • Error Messages

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